Tuesday, May 10, 2011

announcing our next production -- Brooklyn Labyrinth

(c) 2011 Eunice Inquimboy
Whatcha doing in June?

Just so you know, we'll be returning to the BoCoCa Arts Festival with three new plays. So ... plan accordingly.

Brooklyn Labyrinth 
These three interwoven narratives, retelling the Minotaur myth with a contemporary voice, show us that monsters are rarely who we expect—and that safety might not be outside the maze looking in, but the other way around...

DUMBO by Kate Kertez
A powerful family uses unusual means to protect their reputation after one of their own does the unspeakable.

Bensonhurst by Isaac Rathbone
Unable to escape the choices from their past, a working class family must survive amidst their own chaos and dysfunction.

Daedalus at the Navy Yards by Sergei Burbank
With salty contemporary language, this reworking of the Minotaur myth is told through the prism of Daedalus’ point of view, and reveals that much of what is received as the truth of the story has, in fact, been distorted over time.

Friday, June 17@9:00pm
Sunday, June 19@6:00pm
Monday, June 20@7:00pm
Thursday, June 23@9:00pm
Ceol Irish Pub, 191 Smith Street, Brooklyn
Tickets are $15 in advance, $18 at the door

This is exciting. Brooklyn Labyrinth is a full co-production between COItc and Oracle Theatre Inc. We're also very happy to be back for a third time with the fine folks at the BoCoCa Arts Festival and all the exciting Brooklyn-centric arts work they do. But this year, it's essential this year that you buy your tickets in advance. We need a strong box office showing before we hit the ground to make this show a success. Won't you help?

[Brooklyn Labyrinth Tickets]

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