Thursday, April 21, 2011

sexy satyagraha (with apologies to MKG)

The only protest better than a nonviolent sit-in? A kiss-in. Oh, yes.
The pub which shut its doors in response to a gay kiss-in storm last week has closed again today in response to a planned second anti-homophobia protest. The John Snow, in Soho, central London, provoked headlines when staff allegedly ejected two men who were kissing. One of the men, Jonathan Williams, tweeted about the incident, leading to a flurry of media attention and a Facebook-organised "kiss-in" at the pub last Friday. It closed on the day – although the event went ahead as planned, attracting around 300 people. A second kiss-in had been planned for tonight, with over 1,100 saying they would attend, but the pub closed again this afternoon.
How can we make mass displays of public affection the default form of protest by activists? That would be awesome.

[The Guardian]

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