Monday, July 20, 2009

third seat pics (or, sepia is your friend)

The Third Seat, part of the inaugural BoCoCa Arts Festival, wraps up our 2008-2009 season. One show left--this Thursday at 6pm! Buy tickets. There's no better way to end your season than in a venue (Ceol Irish Pub) where the audience (and cast!) can drink during the show. It's been a long season. We've earned it.

Karen Sieber's production photographs of THE THIRD SEAT show (again) why she's great and why we use her whenever she's available for our shows (hello, actors: she does headshots. check her out:

Laurel Lockhart

Gamze Ceylan (l) and James Bentley

Laurel Lockhart (l) and Roy Clary

Laurel Lockhart, Sergei Burbank, James Bentley

James Bentley, Sergei Burbank, Laurel Lockhart

Here's the synopsis:

Sean struggles with his grief and drug addiction, living in the ruins of his parents' decaying bar in central Brooklyn. Unable to keep a firm grip on the present, he slips involuntarily in and out of his past, talking to his dead adoptive mother, Estelle, and straight-laced brother, Brian, who died on 9/11; even his drug dealer appears to him only has Harold, his dead father. Sean grapples with the guilt of the multiple betrayals of his brother, and especially by a phone call Brian tried to make on his last day that never came through. Enter Emily, Brian’s widow, who has always been caught between both brothers. She must fight her instincts and get through to Sean, saving him before tragedy claims their whole family.

And here's the rehearsal process, as summed up in Jim's facial expression:

Yeah -- I have no idea either, Jim. (And I wrote the damn thing.) Pass the Guinness. [sb]

(All photographs by Karen Sieber.)

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