Saturday, August 22, 2009

ABD (Anybody But David)

This blog officially endorses Andrew Cuomo for Governor in 2010. What's that you say? He hasn't declared his candidacy? I don't care -- I endorse him anyway. I endorse my friend's cat for New York Governor. Anyone but this fool:
Gov. David A. Paterson lashed out on Friday at critics who say he should not run for election, and he suggested that he was being undermined by an orchestrated, racially biased effort by the media to force him to step aside.

“We’re not in the postracial period,” he told Errol Louis, a columnist for The Daily News and the host of the radio program, on WWRL-AM. “My feeling is it’s being orchestrated, it’s a game, and people who pay attention know that,” he added.
We don't yet live in a post-racial society, but I'm ready to declare a cultural trope: well-connected and powerful yet woefully inept black men who cry racism when they can't admit their own incompetence. Not to be racist or anything, but you know who the Governor sounds like? Marion Barry. (A note to Patterson et al: you're embarrassing the rest of us and you're debasing yourselves. Be quiet.)

Racism? This from the guy who admitted to extra-marital affairs and drug use after becoming Governor (through his predecessor's incompetence)?

Racism? After his absurdly belated and illegal attempt to end the New York State Assembly's embarrassing pissing contest which made any grade school student council appear functional and mature by comparison, and which showed him to be a joke as the putative leader of his own party? (It really is too bad Malcolm Smith and John Sampson are both black; otherwise Governor Patterson could have claimed they didn't listen to him because of racism, too.)

Racism? Against a Governor whose most significant contribution to the budget crisis in this state has been a 10% pay cut? (And that was only for himself: double dipping in the State Assembly continues unabated.)

Racism? After this was the best this joker could come up with to replace Hillary Clinton for New York State's U.S. Senate seat?

It's not racist to say you're bad at your job if you really are. And Governor Patterson is almost as bad as they come: the outcome of self-dealing upstate politics, an unimaginative product of a broken political system who reeks of fail so badly his shoes make little squishing noises whenever he takes a step.
Somebody give this joker the Alkhateeb treatment.

On his watch the Democrats, handed majority control of the Governor's mansion and State Assembly for the first time in decades, managed to hand Republicans a gold-plated argument that they should be returned to power -- this in a year when Republicans nationwide (and even TEXAS, for God's sake!) are being told they will not get the keys to rule back for many years to come.

By playing the race card so egregiously, the Governor does more damage to the fight against real bigotry than Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas every time the latter opens his hateful mouth to spew more bile about Affirmative Action and a black sense of entitlement. At least Thomas stands outside the tent pissing in; Patterson just pisses in the tent.

Governor Patterson is not a victim of a concerted racist campaign on the part of white media outlets -- he's the victim of his own mediocrity. And he needs to go away.

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