Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the COI podcast returns this weekend

After an unanticipated summer break, the COI podcast will return this weekend with part three of Jason Andrew Updike's "Avalon." The final episode of that original work will follow shortly thereafter, and after that -- what you've all been waiting for... the COI podcast live recordings from this summer's BoCoCa Arts Festival.

Yup, get excited.

Also, some housekeeping -- if you're a regular visitor to the podcast page, you might notice som gaps in the episode list. Well, the reason for that is hosting fees -- the files are expensive to maintain, so we're reverting to a "greatest hits" format...after a few weeks, we'll only be leaving up the most popular episodes for download.

If you want to keep a complete set on your computer, your best bet is to get on iTunes and subscribe now!

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