Wednesday, December 22, 2010

asymmetric warfare

Gawker's takedown at the hands of (purportedly) 4chan's ill-meaning denizens reveals an interesting new front in internet conflagrations.

While the focus of current articles detailing the hacking have focused on the tit-for-tat rivalry that seems to spring wholly from a lack of respect for the hacker "community" in Gawker's editorial tone, what is striking is the wholly incompatible composition of the opposing corners: on one side, you have a media outlet, trying sell advertising space and turn a profit -- a digital state, if you will -- while on the other you have a loosely knit confederation of programmers and malcontents -- a network of some kind.

We know how well these confrontations work in the real world. Welcome to the new digital stalemate. (And change your passwords often.)

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