Monday, May 16, 2011

should have sent a poet

There are no words. No words at all.

This is just outstanding stuff, and there's so much to parse here -- although we know that within the week, Gingrich will give us more -- but a couple things stick out. I'm just not sure what is most striking about two minutes in the abyss.

  • Maybe it's the fact that his hair doesn't move, 
  • Or that he smiles -- grimaces, really -- at completely inappropriate moments, 
  • Or that a 1.4 percent decrease in unemployment -- a statistical margin of error -- is supposed to be significant when he wants it to be, 
  • Or that he can claim ownership of economic bona fides while Speaker of the House, and then turn around an claim that "No One Man" can turn everything around, 
  • Or that a serial adulterer asserted the need for honest, straightforward talk, 
  • Or that there were some nasty veiled threats towards the enemies of whatever he's actually proposing. 
But actually it's none of those things. Nope, not a one. The most striking thing about that video? Definitely the fact that he just uttered a two-minute-long paragraph that consisted of a single sentence. Fantastic.

[ <-- This is a real thing now.]

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