Wednesday, October 7, 2009

random branding thought

I've been thinking about branding for a project that we'll be announcing shortly, and I was reminded of Michigan J. Frog -- remember him? The mascot for the now-defunct WB Network? Hello my Baby, Hello my Darling...?

I'm wondering why no one saw that for the terrible idea that it was. His primary cartoon (from 1955), One Froggy Evening, depicts a construction worker who finds a frog buried in a box with a special talent for vaudeville dancing and singing. You know the one. This one:

I spent many Saturdays watching this.

Why associate a television network with a frog that was only entertaining when no one watched? All I'm asking. No, actually, I'm also asking this: why set up an entertainment portal whose founding mythology confirms every slimy thing we think about producers?

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