Monday, October 19, 2009

Reading of My New Short Play 11/7/09

Newground Theater Collective will be presenting my short play "Missed" as part of their CORNERSTONES series at the Off-Broadway Bleecker Street Theater (45 Bleecker Street, right? their mass email didn't say). So, if you're inclined, info below...

TWO DAYS, NINE PLAYS, TEN BUCKS. **Industry Comped**

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7th, 1:00 -3:00 PM
Missed by Sergei Burbank
Gangster of Love, by Nandita Shanoy
Lipstick and Wrenches, by Gus Schulenberg
Directed by Erin Smiley
Lying Naked, by Alex Goldberg
Directed by Amber Gallery

And definitely don't miss our brother-in-arms Felipe Ossa's work presenting in the same series the next day:

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8th, 3pm-5pm
Dark Night of The Russet Rascal, by Duncan Pflaster
Love's First Sight, by Andrew Rothkin
Directed by Rosebud Baker
Don't Hold The Doors While the Train Is In The Station, by Bronwyn Clark
Directed by Amber Gallery
UFO Weather, by Jonathan Wallace
Liberal White Female, by Felipe Ossa
Directed by Rachel Klein

A propos
of nothing (but as a reward for reading down this far), here's a behind-the-scenes look at where some of the podcasts will be recorded:

Related: I will see a ghost child in that small cabinet before the season is through.

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