Friday, June 4, 2010

100 reasons why you should buy tickets to war crimes [10-1]

Tickets are on sale now for our June production of War Crimes. You should buy some. Here are some reasons why:

10. Because you have even more chances to see us -- two show dates have been added to our run
9. Because since it's our podcast, we can't record a hilarious show preview like the one released this week for Ossa, Bonvissuto & Co
8. Because you want to be able to brag about going to the Planet Connections Festivity in “the good old days”
7. Because for the love of Pete, how prescient can one script be?!
6. Because you'll want to brag about seeing these actors before they hit it big
5. Because with all the hard labor that's gone into mounting this production, it's so worth it
4. Because it's a stage, film, and radio drama all rolled into one
3. Because free t-shirts [Note: there are no free t-shirts associated with this production]
2. Because surely Cake is sold out by now, and I am the intellectual bastard child of Felipe Ossa
1. And because we open tonight.

That's it. I have no more reasons for you: buy your tickets right now.

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