Monday, June 21, 2010

BoCoCa Arts Festival profiles

In all the bustle of closing down our show in the Planet Connections Festivity (only 8 days left!), we forgot to shout break a leg at our producing brethren (and, er, sistren) in the BoCoCa Arts Festival, which got underway in Brooklyn on June 18.

To celebrate and introduce them to you, we've posted a podcast episode (live now) that profiles three of the productions [you can see all of the productions listed here] --

The playwright/producer and director behind Alice [opening Wednesday, 6/23 @ the Archip Gallery Theater]

The playwright, director, and producer of The Interrogation Room [playing through Thursday, 6/24 @ Ceol Irish Pub]

The playwright behind The Purple Plays [although going through Thursday @ Ceol]

Go over to [] and hear them describe their shows -- better yet, just use the links to pick up some tickets now.

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