Monday, July 19, 2010

congrats to the cast and crew of War Crimes

It's awards season for the second annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, and COItc will be making a return trip. Congrats to the following nominees:

Sarah Hartmann Outstanding Actress in a Featured or Cameo Role of a Play
Mike Inwood Lighting Design
Sara Wolkowitz Outstanding Use Of Projections, Special Effects, AND/OR Multi-Media Event
Eunice Inquimboy Outstanding Postcard Design
Sergei Burbank Congeniality Award

(And, of course, huge congratulations to COItc Managing Director of Stage Leah Bonvissuto and Felipe Ossa on their multiple nominations for Cake. The smart money says they'll be running the table again this year....)

The awards ceremony will be August 1 at the Players' Theatre. Tickets and a full list of nominees are available here.

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