Wednesday, September 1, 2010

let's stop the fussing and the feuding

COI's central computing unit has returned from its second sojourn at the sanitarium. On its way out, during its final session of the talking cure, the doctor thought it would be best to hash out some thoughts on healthier living to prevent a relapse.

Since the unit is the final repository for the COI podcast (readers of the blog have even seen it in action), grant application materials, playscripts, and input for this humble blog, it seems a prudent course of action.

Things we should do, but probably wont
  • Not keep the COI podcast, grant application materials, playscripts, and draft blog articles in one place
  • Use cloud computing services to keep said materials available [not until a tablet that ain't tethered to ATT comes out; lookin' at you, Verizon]
Things we should do, but definitely wont
  • Not live in the digital domain quite so much, return to paper notebooks
Things we will do
  • Continue backing up data like it is a religious duty
  • Treat the laptop as a fragile, valued, and expensive colleague, and fully acknowledge that it owns the entirety of our creative output so we'd better shape up
That was therapeutic.
This time it's not Rudolph, it's sick.

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