Friday, November 12, 2010

coi podcast update

Finished the first edited episode of the live COI podcasts! (Only 15 more to go...)

To the four of you who actually listen to these: do you ever listen to the end of the episodes? I didn't think so. I kill myself to get the credits right, without thinking about the fact that no one listens through to the end.

I guess it's a holdover from the days of my youth when I listened to terrestrial radio (what's that?) -- specifically, WNYC's rebroadcast of Harry Shearer's Le Show originating out of the LeShowDome in Santa Monica on Sunday nights. I always felt a wistfulness as he read the final notes over the swell of music ("the home ... of the homeless") as a cherished conversation was coming to an end.

Anyway. Right. The point is, I really shouldn't bother. (But I will.)

Lineup and release schedule to follow.

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