Thursday, February 3, 2011

give us your money.

Off we go.

It's a crass beginning to our campaign, but these are desperate times, and the work going into this piece is just too good. The gloves have to come off.

Yesterday our crowd funding site went live over at Fractured Atlas. Go visit now. Visit often. And tell your friends.

All's Fair (Six Western) is political, yes, but the tale of this play goes beyond the plot. This is about where COItc has come in the four years since we started mounting plays; it's about the new faces that have joined our journey towards God-knows-what; it's about losing the distractions of short term, frenetic productions and returning to our roots of in-depth dramatic exploration. Most especially, it's about a group of talented theater practitioners presenting a outstanding example of their craft.

Certainly the Puffin Foundation and Centrum haven't seen potential in this work for any political motives, but because the story we're trying to tell, and the group of artists enlisted to take the journey alongside that story's development.

Over the next eight months we're going to delve into a process that a lot of us haven't enjoyed in years. No more four-week sprints. No more hectic, ad-hoc, production decisions taken on vapors, too much caffeine, and too little sleep. Instead, we're going to get it right -- because otherwise, why bother? It's about making a thousand and one smaller, more reasoned gestures, and resisting the ill-conceived big splash.

But we need your help. Oh boy, do we need your help. Take a look at what Kina Park has come up with so farTake a quick gander of the faces of the incredible lineup behind this project. We'll be telling you a bit more about their stories in the weeks and months to come.

And give us your money.

Watch this space for updates. And see you in the fall.

[Fractured Atlas]

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