Friday, February 4, 2011

this is why the Nets coming to Brooklyn can't be bad

It'll be like having George Steinbrenner and Vladimir Putin rolled all into one:
So Kim attended yesterday's game to root on her man, Kris Humphries, whose new fame thanks to Kim Kardashian's public affection for him probably makes him unmovable to an owner like Mikhail Prokhorov. "Big contract for that man who pump great booty of the world", he'll say to some news outlet, as he shoots a Kodiak bear with a flaming crossbow while hovercrafting across the Great Barrier reef with Estonian party girls.

And that's my impersonation of everyone's Mikhail Prokhorov impersonation.
Related goodness: the Brooklyn Paper's sport section will become a must-read for normal people, instead of us sorry Cyclone fans...

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