Saturday, September 19, 2009

calling them as they fall

Andrew Sullivan finds an appetite for McCarthyism at the 9/12 pogrom/parade. This is far more menacing than the gleeful know-nothingism that's rife in Congress with Bachmann, Wilson, et. al.

The glib lionizing of an era ruled by mass hysteria, character assassination, and the settling of political scores -- an era that ruined so many innocent lives in the pursuit of a phony ideological war -- that isn't an indication of a cheapened public debate.

It's burgeoning fascism.

If World War Two was truly fought to eradicate evil, and if we are to learn from the mistakes of the past, we will outshout, outspend, and outwit the voices in this country who would lead us down the path of hatred, genocide, and oppression.

And to begin with, we'll need to call them by their real name.

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