Wednesday, September 23, 2009

you said it

Everyone is losing their minds because the President turned his back on photographers on the tarmac in Albany while he shook the Governor of New York's hand. It's essential that they know just what was whispered.

Apparently, the fact that it's been repeatedly reported that the White House political staff was all like don't run, David, you're just awful, and the Governor was all like hells yeah I'm running kiss my grits isn't the actual story here. Because we're in all elementary school.

Now the Governor has had a press conference since the man-hug-that-shook-the-world. He didn't want to, of course: would you want to talk about it if the Big Man on Campus -- the most popular guy in school who always manages to shrug off bigger idiots than you -- publicly declares you over?

I've already said my piece on why this Governor is a tightly coiled pile of fail. The White House doesn't even care about that -- they care that a hypothetical Governor Giuliani could become Republican Presidential Nominee Giuliani (dibs on the "Giuliani for what?" bumper stickers, by the way. Did I already call dibs on that here? I can't remember).

And then Governor Paterson -- trying, mind you, to tamp down all this stepping-aside talk -- says this:
"I have had conversations with the White House,” Mr. Paterson said. “I am concerned about the Democratic Party. But I am also concerned about my ability to govern.”
So are we, David. So are we.

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