Friday, February 12, 2010

the battle for the GOP's soul

Never underestimate the power of humor.

There was a breakthrough this week, as the GOP's website made a funny joke. This is an indication that the battle for the Republican Party's soul has been enjoined.

Since the Republican primaries for the 2008 election, there have been many who wondered what had happened to the Grand Old Party. As John McCain is reported to have asked in that wonderfully bad piece of political porn, Game Change, who would want to be the leader of these assholes? has mounted an e-card campaign featuring some Democratic heavyweights, outlined here at the la times' top of the ticket blog. My two favorites:

Yeah, they're a little leaden, but so what? They made jokes based on policy, on public behavior -- and, moreover, jokes that didn't call into question their opponents' citizenship, patriotism, or basic humanity. That's the basis of constructive, responsible politicking. (And worthy of encouragement: jokes also tend to be funnier when they're not hateful.)

So what does this mean? It means that there are elements within the GOP that have begun to work against the hateful, spiteful, far-right elements that wish to take control of it. After all, those who find persuasive the incomprehensible rhetoric of the Tea (so-called) Party most definitely don't have a sense of humor.

The seduction of Palinmania has been far too high-wattage for Republican incumbents to ignore as they try to draw big crowds. Hopefully, voters understand -- as the former Governor clearly does -- that her brand (and the ideology of which she has become the figurehead) only works without power and responsibility, and can only be catastrophic with either.

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