Friday, February 26, 2010

thanks for nothing, Gipper

Looks like we lost the Cold War, after all. From within. Via one of the NYTimes's innumerable blogs, according to Pew Research Center, Americans born after 1980 believe in big government, market intervention, and that we will revel in the blood of society's bourgeois parasites. Okay, just the first two.
The Pew Research Center today released a giant report on the Millennial generation, a.k.a. Generation Y, a.k.a Americans born after 1980.

The report has many interesting factoids (including the percentage of members of each generation who say they sleep with their cellphone next to their heads). But one of the more provocative sections has to do with attitudes toward government.

Based on the 2009 survey data in this report, Millennials appear to be more pro-government, pro-regulation and pro-market-intervention than older generations... a whopping 53 to 42 percent. People over sixty-five are opposed, 47 to 39 percent.

Repeat: a majority of people over 65 believe in less government intervention in the market. One would think a significant number of these people lived through The Depression -- or heard about it from those who did right before these jerks were born.

So, two take aways here: apparently, we're Millennials, the most apocalyptic nickname for a generation ever. Also: old people are dumb.

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