Friday, May 7, 2010

100 reasons why you should buy tickets to war crimes [50-41]

Tickets are on sale now for our June production of War Crimes. You should buy some. Here are some reasons why:

50. Because under international human rights law, all defendants have the right to a fair trial
49. Because you can support Amnesty International and be entertained (guaranteed to be more entertaining than clicking here)
48. Because Serge isn't in it, so it's not as blatant a vanity project as 2009's season
47. Because you wont be able to resist once you see the cast on the company's website
46. Because we do have a massive cleanup plan
45. Because direct address is so hot
44. Because “soothing apocalypse” will be the biggest trend of the summer
43. Because multimedia is the new black
42. Because you missed the President next door at Cooper Union the other week
41. Because the next Batman movie isn’t until 2012

Need more reasons? Come back next week. Otherwise, buy your tickets right now.

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