Friday, April 2, 2010

100 reasons why you should buy tickets to war crimes [100-91]

Tickets are on sale now for our June production of War Crimes. You should buy some. Here are some reasons why:

100. Because let’s be honest: it’s been a long, cold winter without you
99. Because if you don’t, the puppy gets it
98. Because dystopias can be fun, and that fun involves gas
97. Because a portion of our ticket sales go to Amnesty International
96. Because it’s still kind of cold out and you want something to circle on the calendar in the warmer months to come
95. Because the mention of John C. Yoo’s name still makes your blood boil
94. Because you find international law riveting
93. Because our last Planet Connections Festivity show got nominated for five freaking awards and you didn’t see it
92. Because for six nights in June we’ll show you just how compelling political theater can be
91. Because it’s not about healthcare reform

Need more reasons? Come back next week. Otherwise, buy your tickets right now.

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